Haters gonna hate

I wish you could tell me

why are you pretending

We are friends when we aren’t

That we hung out like weekday bitches

You fell out of Re Allen’s test

my vision gets blurred

ever since you stabbed me in the back

I was stuffed with a pack of truths

Truths which I knew were a couple of falsehoods

Internal and External I’ll tell you

I felt misunderstood through and through

If showing off is what you do

Then show them off with your own money

It doesn’t impress me

It irritates me much more

When you show it to the contrary

I wish you would stop asking

Whether I have been paying attention to you

It is none of my business

I am not interested

In your questions, your answers even your body

Try to copy my style

But that’s all you get

For I am true in substance and in fact.

Jealousy gives you hell

You’re stuck in the pit and never get out

I wish you’d look through your inner self

And like what you see in yourself

The defence breaks, the walls crumble

It’s all over as soon as you mumble

I see your inner thoughts as you struggle

you could have done so much better

Deep down I can’t help but chuckle with laughter

You may feel good with what you assume

Trampling on people’s pride as you walk by

You feed on misfortune

That’s how you grow

But what you will never know

That what you feed on will never last

It plummets and vanishes

Into thin air and dust

Embark on your candy coated dreams as you may

Decked out in gold and glitter for all I care

You jolly well know your own worth

It makes no difference even if you changed your skin

For you’re a mala fide in your own fin

It grows all out with your ugly thoughts

You could tell me that I looked noob

But you would never know

who has been looking like a fool

You can’t run That’s why you scream

You can’t be like me that’s why you dream

Just a rant. Not directed at anyone. Please do not take it personally.