a case of hyper mania characterized by convulsions, excessive and incoherent talking, and insomnia occurring in students during the exam periods.

The very mention of this puts me in a frenzy, and there is always this image of students pulling their hair or scratching their heads unconsciously with a ballpoint pen or whatever. I’m in this phase now. I get little quality sleep, even dreaming of cases and facts occasionally.


Lucky guy

To top it off, I’ve begun to envy Fred in the Flintstones– since if not mistaken he has a TV!- though I am supposed to be staying away from social networks, blogging (hear,hear) and well, mainly civilization. I’ve failed terribly, with my hands itching to hold the 10.1 tablet and moving to do whatever unrelated to my course of study.

Up to this point, I would like to salute whoever invented electronic gadgets, I got addicted/ can’t stay away from them.


5 signs to show that you may be suffering(?) from a case of examania ;

  1. Insomnia
  2. You wake up ,startled, suddenly in the middle of the night
  3. Hair is in a gross state of negligence
  4. Pimples!
  5. A mild case of avoidant personality disorder, perhaps?