A visit to the salon: a voluntary assumption of risk?


Image credits to watermark on picture.


I may be exaggerating a bit on the ‘voluntary assumption risk’ part.

But hey, it’s because having a change of hairstyle takes some courage for average looking girls like me. It is through all these years that I realized the importance of how different hairstyles can change the way you look, your disposition for instance. Someone with a short bob may not necessarily look good with long curly hair and vice versa as you may not be able to always pull off that ‘look’ your hairstyle has. And to top it off, you’re the one who is going to live with your hairstyle-good or bad or through all those bad hair days-for a few months, me, for instance.

Communication is a very essential factor, it seems. Some who have their hair done at the salon or hairdresser are less than candid it seems, or have no idea what type of hairstyle they want, and leave it to the stylist to decide. While this may be a good idea as you are in good hands, what if you are not aware of what type of hairstyle he/she is going to fix you with? What if you wanted to look chic and sassy but you look like totally not chic and sassy? It would be a wholly different type of style. Of course I’m not questioning the professionalism of stylists, but what I would do is to open my mouth and ask, lots and lots of question because I’m mentally insecure every time I visit the salon. LOL.

If you ask me what does going to the salon means, I would say it is a voluntary assumption of risk, and also exciting at the same time. You never know what you’re going to get, how your perm session is going to turn out, looking forward to the outcome and feeling a wee bit scared as to an epic fail hairstyle. So this is me with my thoughts. What about yours?